Appreciation at Work Marketing Webinar with Dr. Paul White (Recorded 10-29-14)


*Do you want to know how to help others see the need for the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace? (either within your organization or others)

*Do you have supervisors or managers who are skeptical (at best) or "don't believe in that touchy-feely stuff"?

*Do you want to learn how to become engaged to train organizations and businesses in effectively communicating authentic appreciation?

I'm offering a one hour webinar for facilitators (both certified and in process) on how to market the Appreciation at Work training process - both for internal marketing (within your own organization) and for external marketing (to potential clients).

You will leave the webinar with the following: 

  • Knowing the most successful ways to get the Appreciation at Work process into an organization;
  • Understanding the key "selling points" that will convince a leader to have their team learn about the 5 languages of appreciation;
  • Access to tangible marketing resources (marketing pieces, graphics) to use in your marketing efforts;
  • Knowing who not to talk to and approaches that won't work, so you don't waste your time and energy.

I want to share with you the lessons I've learned over the past 5 years in marketing our materials so that you can become more successful quickly and make a difference in your workplace or for the clients you serve.  

It will be an interactive session -- I am looking forward to dealing with real-life issues and questions, and hearing from you, as well.

Paul White, Ph.D