Toxic Workplace Prevention & Repair Kit


*Are you looking for an easy-to-use “turn key” set of resources to provide training for your organization or clients?

*Do you need practical information that addresses the negativity many employees and managers are experiencing?

The Toxic Workplace Prevention & Repair Kit is designed for both leaders and trainers within an organization and professional consultants to help their clientele be able to take practical steps to become a healthier workplace.  Designed to be conducted in a one-half day workshop format, the kit includes:

On the order of the items in the kit:

  1. A copy of Rising Above a Toxic Workplace
  2. Instructional Videos by Dr. White
  3. Video Interviews with individuals
  4. A facilitator guide with structured activities and discussion questions
  5. PowerPoint slides for group instruction and discussion
  6. Participant handouts
  7. Sample report from the Ratings Of Toxic Symptoms scale
  8. Registration code for taking Ratings Of Toxic Symptoms (ROTS) scale
  9. Marketing materials

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