Ratings of Toxic Symptoms (ROTS) scale


Many people report they feel like they are working in a toxic work environment.  But sometimes it is unclear to them (or others) how bad the situation really is – is it a normally stressful workplace?  Is it worse than most, but not terrible?  Or is their workplace a seriously toxic and unhealthy environment?

The Ratings of Toxic Symptoms (ROTS) scale was developed to give employees (regardless of the level of their position – front-line worker, supervisor, manager, or executive) objective feedback regarding their workplace.  The Ratings of Toxic Symptoms scale is a brief, online assessment comprised of 30 items to which the respondent rates their place of employment on a variety of symptoms directly related to toxicity in the workplace.

From the ratings given by the respondent, a customized report created immediately will:

     a) determine the overall level of toxicity in your workplace (extreme, above average, average);

     b) identify and describe the three most problematic areas at your workplace (from a total of ten subscales)

     c) provide suggestions for helpful resources to assist you in taking proactive steps to address the problem areas identified.


To take the Ratings of Toxic Symptoms (ROTS) scale, add this to cart and purchase a registration code. You will be emailed instructions, the registration code, and directed to the test website so you can determine how toxic your workplace is and what you may be able to do to help it become healthier.

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