MBA Inventory™ Updated



The Basic version of the MBA Inventory is a brief / direct version applicable to virtually all work settings. 


The Expanded Version of the MBA Inventory includes a number of new items which provide a deeper look at your results:

  • Comparing your results with the general workforce population (text and graphic charts) regarding:
    • Your Primary Language of Appreciation
    • Your Primary & Secondary Languages of Appreciation (combined)
    • Your Lesser Valued Languages (Least Valued + 3rd Highest)
  • Identifying the single most important act of appreciation to you
  • The role (and challenges) of Appropriate Physical Touch to communicate appreciation 
  • Allowing you to identify the ways you don't want to receive appreciation, in each of the 5 languages
  • Additional resources to explore how best to implement The 5 Languages of Appreciation in your workplace

                    General Work Setting Version

 Government Version                            Military Version

 Remote/Long Distance Version            Ministry / Not For Profit Version

 Medical Version                                    School Version 


The Basic MBA Inventory is available in the following languages:


Do you have unused MBA Inventory code(s) that you would like to use to upgrade from the Basic to Expanded Version?  

Go to: to begin the process.