The Vibrant Workplace (Paperback)


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Is your workplace characterized by negativity, crazy busyness, sarcasm & mistrust?

Do you have colleagues who whine, complain & grumble constantly? Co-workers who want praise even through they don't do their jobs? Managers who don't give a rip about "workplace culture"?

Do you want to help make your workplace more positive, but don't know how? Then The Vibrant Workplace is for you!


Over the past ten years I've had a chance to work with several companies and it would be extremely rare to find a company or even a department that could be described as vibrant - full of energy and enthusiasm. The good news is that in the book, The Vibrant Workplace, Dr. Paul White shares with us a practical approach on how we can create vibrant workplaces through the language of appreciation. Dr. White offers us some sensible advice on what blocks us from achieving this and the understanding of how we can get around these barriers.